Grammar – Possessive Nouns

This week we worked on possessive nouns. Since we drew a picture of Thor and Old Age yesterday (from the funny story of Thor and the Jotun Utgardsloki), we used norse gods to provide examples.

First we came up with generic ideas as I explained the possessive apostrophe, and we wrote them on the board. I am not comfortable teaching grammar just yet, so I have many books that I drew from for this lesson. Also, this document was the very helpful.

Next she wrote in her main lesson book:

Possessive Nouns

Thor’s hammer – Bragi’s harp – Freya’s cat – Noss’ smile

This was the story of Tjalfi, Loki, and Thor’s adventure. (They share the same adventure)

Tjalfi’s, Loki’s and Thor’s heads were bent to their backs to see the home of Utgardsloki. (They do not share the same head)

One Person, One Item – Two People, Two Items

farmer’s son – farmers’ sons (a reference to Tjalfi)
giant’s mitten – giants’ mittens
woman’s dress – women’s dresses (a reference to Thor and Loki wearing maiden’s clothes)
goddess’s duty – goddesses’ duties

The next day I gave her a handwritten worksheet to complete:

Possessive Nouns

Rewrite each phrase using the possessive apostrophe.

1. the son of Mr. Smith
2. the daughter  of Mrs. Mechose
3. pies that belong to the clowns
4. the picture of Aunt Josie
5. the breakfast of the dog
6. the castle of Arthur and Guinevere
7. the swords of the knights
8. the fleas that belong to the circus
9. the knowledge of the Well of Wisdom
10. the pencil of my boss
11. the teeth of Wally and Reggie
12. the door of it

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