Saints Block – Saint Francis

For our Saints block, I used Marsha Johnson’s files (again), which can be found for free at her yahoo group, WaldorfHomeEducators.

2nd Grader’s.


Although her lesson plans include Saint Patrick and Saint Emma, I decided to spend a whole month on Saint Francis. I read the stories from God’s Troubadour, the Story of Saint Francis of Assisi, which is a lovely book for this age.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy from my library but it is also available for free online at My son was deeply touched by Saint Francis… he was moved by Francis’ gentle nature and interesting adventures. He was especially fascinated by Francis’ ideas about becoming a brave knight, and finding that fighting in wars is not nearly as romantic as he once childishly believed. These are such valuable lessons, and told so beautifully in God’s Troubadour.

As with all of our language arts blocks this year, I tell stories and then we read a short version together. We would read this short version many times during the week. I used the short stories contained in Marsha’s files, plus I wrote a couple more:

Saint Francis and the Birds
Saint Francis and the Christmas Creche

Also during this block we made a beeswax Francis and wolves. My son made 5 or 6 flashcards for the weekly practice words. When things got dull, he decided to have me sit in a chair and hand him a card. Then he would walk a circle around the house and study the card until he knew the word. He would say it and snatch another card from me with great flair. We would also practice putting them in alphabetical order. He would sometimes spell using Bananagram tiles (like Scrabble) to freshen things up. Reading does not seem to come naturally to him, so I try to change the way we practice from day to day to keep it fresh and not too painful.

2nd Grader’s


2nd Grader’s


Practice spelling words.

He wanted to learn to write the names of Ford trucks that he has seen. He could not believe that I let him write them in his saints book. He was so excited about it that he just had to show Dad after dinner! He never shows Dad his lesson books!

The Christmas nativity story was saved until advent. When we set up our wooden nativity, we added a little beeswax figure of Saint Francis.

My fourth grader got involved with this story too. She drew this lovely picture and circled all of the parts of speech she knew from the short version of the story.

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