Saints Block – Saint Martin

During our Saints block, we focused on Saint Martin for a week. This time around I was sure to take the time to study the Saint Martin just prior to Martinmas. I believe I told the story in Donna Simmons ‘Saints and Heroes’ book. There is also a lovely story at Marsha Johnson’s Yahoo Group. She has a story in the directory titled “Martinmas Ideas”.

I wrote a short version of the Saint Martin Story for reading and writing practice.

This is the first drawing I did of Saint Martin:

Then my second grader said that he wanted to draw Saint Martin on his horse:

I think he did a splendid job:

We also took time this week to go for a nighttime lantern walk and deliver some food to the local food bank. In the past we have cut wide strips of fleece to make scarves and donated them to a homeless shelter. It is also a good time to donate last year’s coats and mittens, if they are outgrown.

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