Waterways of the World Math Block – Weeks 3 and 4

The last 2 weeks of the Waterways of the World Math Block include Multiplication and Division.

For Multiplication we focused on the Codfish. I believe in Marsha’s files she references the Portugese Codfishing boats, but as I was unable to find any information about these boats, I focused on the Codfish itself. This fish has an amazing history! I got this book from the library: The Cod’s Tale. I did not read it to the children, but simply relayed some of the interesting adventures that people have experienced because of this formerly abundant fish. I could also relay a tale or two about the vikings, which is always appreciated. I would have told him the story of Leif the Lucky, and emphasized the cod in the tale, but alas, he had already heard this story recently during our Norse studies with his older sister.

This is a game we played with dice. Roll the first die and draw that number of baskets. Roll again, and put that number of fish into each basket!

Week 4: Canoes

Here I told the story: The Boy Who Lived with the Seals, which I got from the library. It is such a lovely story that my son wanted to hear it several times.

Here are my canoes. We first drew 5 canoes, then used pencil to decorate each one, as the canoe in the story was intricately carved.

Here are my second grader’s canoes. We began to put people in the canoes:

5 people wanted to get in the 5 canoes (put one person in each canoe)
So, 5 people divided into 5 canoes is one. One person in each canoe.

Then 5 more people wanted to get in the canoes. And so on.

For additional practice, we talked about the native indians hunting for salmon, rabbits, and gathering baskets of berries. Each family received a share of the hunt, no one went hungry, and each was given what was needed. If 10 rabbits were hunted and there were 5 families to feed, how many would each family receive?

We worked on the shapes of numbers by painting them. First I made the broad lines the night before on a sheet of dry painting paper for me, and a sheet for my son. Then we used small brushes to paint the numbers. We cut out his numbers and put them up to admire and reference!

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