King Arthur’s Math

In addition to multiplication table practice, I try to do math stories with the children during language arts blocks. I give a math story, and after he figures the answer in his head or with jewels, we lay the math sentence out with homemade flash cards or he writes them on a small chalkboard. Here is an example of today’s math practice:

1 – King Arthur has 12 knights. How many are on an adventure if 4 are at home in the castle? 12-?=8. I changed this to a fractional question for my 4th grader: if 1/3 were left behind, how many were on an adventure?

2 – King Arthur had a feast to celebrate the marriage of Sir Gareth and Lynette. 30 guests were divided among 5 tables. How many were seated at each table?

3 – 15 white lilies were in bouquets on the tables. How many were on each table?

4 – The king gave the couple a set of silver goblets for a gift. There were 10 emeralds to adorn the goblets. how many emeralds were on each goblet?

5 – There were 8 rubies. How many rubies on each goblet?

Five word problems is usually my second grader’s limit… time to move on!

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