King Arthur – Weeks 1 and 2

We have been working on a second grade language arts block focused on King Arthur. The block plans come from Marsha Johnson at The plans are available in her files section, along with many other gems!

Each week I tell a story about King Arthur. Week one was the story of the sword and the stone from King Arthur and His Knights by Maude Radford Warren. The book is available for free online at and other sources. I purchased a used copy of this book and we have been reading stories from it in the afternoons. Many of the stories in this book are fine for a second grade child, but please read the stories to yourself before to the children. I have skipped over some of the stories, as I think a few may be a little harsh. I am trying to keep this block focused on honesty, bravery, loyalty and chivalry.

King Arthur main lesson book cover. My son’s on top, mine on bottom. We added a little glitter glue to the crowns.  I’m sorry the picture quality is poor… the colors are more vibrant in person!

Second grader’s drawing of Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.

My drawing.

During the second week, we focused on Excalibur. I told the story from this book: Tales of King Arthur: Excalibur, although I did not read to him from this book directly so he was free to complete pictures within his own imagination.

After I told the story on Monday, we spent the rest of the week reading a short version of the story together. I read the words that he does not know, and he read the rest. Each week he can read more and more of the stories on his own. We like to underline in colorful pencil the words that he knows.  Here is my short version of King Arthur and Excalibur.

Arthur getting Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. Second grader’s on top, and mine on the bottom.

Each week, we take 5 or 6 words from the story to practice. He makes a flashcard for each word and we practice them every day. He also writes them in his MLB.

We all made shields with wet-on-wet watercolors. Even the forth grader wanted to get involved with this one. 4th grader on left, mine in the middle, and 2nd grader on the right.

The second week we painted swords using the a dry watercolor technique. This is definitely not the preferred method for a second grader, but he had been begging me for a dry painting since my fourth grader started dry painting. Of course my fourth grader begs for wet painting…

My Excalibur.

This is a word family that we worked on. We drew the ‘House of -ing’, and thought of all the words that end in ‘ing’. I asked him to write his 4 favorite words from our list, but he liked ‘sing’ and ‘wing’ so much that he asked to write them each twice. On the lower floor we drew a picture of one of the words. I had no idea how to draw a plane, so he proudly led me for this drawing!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful Teri, thank yu for sharing your work, your life. What inspiring images!

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