Grammar Land – Parts of Speech

I have been using the wonderful book Grammar-Land by M. L. Nesbitt. I bought the book, but it is available for free at Google books as well.

It is a story set in the fairy land called ‘Grammar Land’ where all of the parts of speech are arguing and taking words from their neighbors. The Judge of Grammar Land will hold a trial to settle the disputes, and the children of Schoolroom-shire (that’s us) have been invited to observe the proceedings. The book is funny in parts, and my daughter enjoys it a great deal. Sometimes the characters (like Verb and Adverb) are a little bland, and not a lot of fun to draw, in my opinion. Some brilliant Waldorf teacher needs to write a book just like this one, with a little more color, if you know what I mean!

There is a homeschool mom who created helpful worksheets to go along with the exercises in the book. I do wish someone would provide the answers to the worksheets, as I am not very comfortable with the parts of speech (or grammar in general) so I sometimes second-guess my answers. However, I think that some of the exercises in the book are a bit advanced for a fourth grader, therefore I make up our own exercises for practice as well. I write fairly simple text to go along with these stories (or Norse Myths), and she finds the parts of speech. I am trying to add a little more complexity as the year progresses.

I would suggest reading this book early in the 4th grade year. It can then be referred to during the other blocks, such as Norse Mythology and Man and Animal.

4th grader’s drawing of rich Mr. Noun. His clothes are fancy, and he is a bit fat, since he has so many words!

Mom’s Mr. Noun

Schoolroom-shire children are tasked with writing 20 nouns.

4th grader’s Mr. Noun and Mr. Pronoun (who is rich like Noun, but skinny because he only has a few words).

Mom’s Mr. Noun and Pronoun. They are each holding out their words, with examples of their words behind them. My daughter thought that she had worked hard enough that day and she could not manage writing the words. So she helped me think of examples to write on my paper, and she put the words into the bags Mr. Noun and Mr. Pronoun are holding in her picture. Very clever. She made up for it the next day:

Description of Mr. Pronoun and another task. Find the nouns and pronouns in the verse, plus write 6 more examples of pronouns and nouns.

4th grader’s Little Article. He is very poor and ragged, only having a few words to himself.

4th grader’s interjection. He is shown upside-down, since he had his picture taken that way one time and that has been one of his symbols ever since!

4th grader’s Mr. Adjective. This one was a lot of fun to draw, because he is very interesting and colorful. He has funny hair and is looking at his hand for some reason… I am told this is hilarious!

Mom’s Clever Mr. Adjective

I have more to share about Grammar Land… hopefully in another post some day soon.

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3 Responses to Grammar Land – Parts of Speech

  1. emily says:

    Such a beautiful main lesson block! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful and inspiring lessons, I am impressed with the effort that you put into planning. A beautiful job, indeed. The artwork is lovely.

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  3. Tracy I says:

    I can not thank you enough for all your efforts! I am a new Waldorf teacher who took over a struggling 4th grade class. My class has enjoyed using grammar land to re-visit the parts of speech. I love the additions of the ML book entries.

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