Fifth Grade Geometry

We have finally begun our school year. After one week, things are going quite well. Our first block is Geometry. I wanted to begin with this one, because it is so different than any of our other blocks we have done, and I was hoping my daughter would be excited to learn something so new. It worked!

I am using Live Ed’s Fifth Grade Geometry book. I really like this book! I do not think I have ever used a single resource for a block until this one. I tried to read a couple of other waldorf geometry books, but I could not get through them. Live Ed seems to follow a simple, logical sequence, and ties most geometric ideas to the very ancient civilizations we will be using this year. To be fair, I did not read the geometry blocks of Christopherus or A Little Garden Flower, so they may be excellent as well.

We began with a short talk about the beginnings of geometry in the ancient civilizations, then we did some warm-up activities drawing straight and curved lines. Next we did an artistic activity… Shading from the Periphery:

5th grader’s on the right, mom’s on the left.

On the second day, we talked about the Nature of Straight Lines and we made a fictional land with freehand lines connecting our cities with services such as water, power, and trains. I thought my daughter was going to fuss about this activity, and I tried to think of  something different just moments before this lesson. I was sure this was going to fail. So it stands to reason that this was her favorite lesson in recent memory. In fact, she told me later that we should have made many more cities!

Fictional Lands: 5th grader’s on the left, mom’s on the right.

The following day, after review, my daughter and I came up with a few lines to write in the main lesson book:

The next day we talked about points and rays, and drew our Starry Skies:


The next lesson consisted of some stories from the Live Ed book about Euclid, and we did an artistic triangle exercise:

5th grader’s on the left, mom’s on the right.

For our painting lesson this week, we did a dry painting of geometric shapes:

5th grader’s on the left, mom’s on the right.

And here is the copywork for the main lesson book:

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One Response to Fifth Grade Geometry

  1. Hana says:

    This is one of our favorite units. We also use Live-Education for our curriculum. Your daughter must be in high school now. Are you still homeschooling? I did a series of geometry videos on YouTube with these exact lessons. Your drawings (you and your daughter) looks beautiful.

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