Native American Form Drawing Block

I began my third grader’s school year with a week long form drawing block. I told stories from the wonderful Native American story book, Hold up the Sky:

Hold Up the Sky: And Other Native American Tales
from Texas and the Southern Plains

Chapter 1 – The Beginning of the World
The girl swam along the stream. She came up far away, where the stream flowed out into the sunshine, and ran home to tell her mother all that had happened:


Chapter 2 – Coyote Makes the Sun


Now, let’s draw Coyote’s bright sun and fill it with the hot coals:

Chapter 3: Why Bear Waddles when he Walks
Sometimes the sun soared and swooped across the sky like a great golden bird. Sometimes he was high and sometimes he was low:


The guessing bones went from night side to the day side and back again as first one team was lucky, and then the other:


Chapter 4: The Quarrel between Wind and Thunder
Thunder growled and grumbled and rared as he went, and it rained down. The grass grew high and the plants bloomed. Wind followed Thunder and his rain across the earth, and was happy again as he blew through the high grass. So it was that the two became brothers again, and work together still:

Chapter 5: Thunderbird Woman, Skiwis, and Little-Big-Belly-Boy
Skiwis went out hunting and returned with a live Buffalo. He tied the buffalo to the cottonwood tree and went to sleep in the lodge. the next night Little-Big-Belly-Boy did the same thing with a mouse:


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  2. Pingback: back to school. part two.

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