Friday Paintings

I wanted to do a seasonal painting today, but I had such a difficult time deciding on the subject. It is January, and we already painted a snowman last month… February will be here soon, but I just could not see asking my 3rd grade boy to paint some Valentine’s hearts. He would give me such a hard time! I received inspiration from the bird feeder and by the lovely drawings of birds on the WaldorfHomeEducators Yahoo Group’s Winter Drawing Course.

IMG_1064_small IMG_1065_small
The first two are my paintings. I paint the night before the lesson, then I paint with the children, so I have a lot of paintings. The funny thing is that I usually like my first painting better, even though I rush through it, thinking it more of a sketch than a real painting.

And here is my 3rd grader’s painting. I love this painting! He was upset about having to paint a bird today (maybe he would have rather painted Valentines?), but he was very proud of the results. He can get frustrated with his artwork at times, so when the hard work pays off, it is quite a thrill! Plus, this bird is just so charming.

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