Grade 3 – Second Old Testament Block

cain and abel - 3rd grader cain and abel sentence - 3rd grader
3rd grader’s Cain and Abel drawing and sentence.

cain and abel - mom
Mom’s Cain and Abel drawing.

abraham and isaac - 3rd graderabraham and isaac sentence - 3rd grader
3rd grader’s Abraham and Isaac. This drawing was inspired by a pencil drawing in Live Ed.

abraham and isaac - mom
Mom’s Abraham and Isaac. I did not get very far on my sentences!

noah - 3rd gradernoah sentence - 3rd grader
3rd grader’s Noah and the Flood. This is a drawing technique described in Live Ed. It can be done with stick crayons or pencils. We used crayons for this drawing.

noah - mom
Mom’s ark.


So, here is a project that has taken a really long time. It was inspired by an idea in Donna Simmon’s Old Testament Stories Manual. We built the top of the ark out of popsicle sticks, then the base was made out of paper mache, with poster board as a base. The animals were modeled from beeswax, and as you can see, the giraffe and fox are still awaiting their partners! Did I mention that this project has taken a really long time? It is nice to admire, though.

tower of babel - 3rd gradertower of babel - mom

tower of babel clay
In addition to drawing and writing, we sculpted Towers of Babel from natural clay.

jacob's ladder - 5th grader
3rd grader’s Jacob’s Ladder painting. I can’t seem to find mine!

moses painting mommoses painting 5th grader
Mom’s and 3rd grader’s Moses paintings. This painting came from Donna Simmon’s Old Testament Stories Manual.

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6 Responses to Grade 3 – Second Old Testament Block

  1. Cathy says:

    Can I ask how long it took to build the ark, and was it difficult? We will be starting 3rd next year so I am already starting to plan.
    Now that Nature’s Nest has gone there are very few 3rd grade blogs to look at, and it really helps me to be able to see some art work. Thank you so much!

    • Waldorf Mom says:

      Hi Cathy,

      It took us several weeks to build the ark. The popsicle stick part was quite fun. The rest… well… not as much. I was going to make the base from clay, as suggested by Donna Simmons. However, our ark was so big (maybe because we used the larger popsicle sticks), that clay was not going to work. So then I decided on paper mache. The problem is that my son does not like paper mache at all! Plus, I had to figure out how to make a boat shape. I used poster board to make the base, using this pattern as a general guide. This would be a lovely boat for the Waterways of the World Math Block too.

      We covered the base with newspaper strips dipped in a 1/2 part glue + 1/2 part water mixture. After drying, we covered the boat in paper bag strips dipped in the same mixture. By this time, the Old Testament Block was over, and we were a little tired of it.

      Then a couple of weeks ago, I did not have a lesson planned so we got out the beeswax and started making animals. It is wonderful to have this ark in our living room, and we can add animals to it whenever the mood strikes.

      I hope that helps!

  2. audrey says:

    I so enjoy your blog…I hope you will carry on right through high school! do you plan to?
    It seems things just drop off after about 6th grade on all the waldorf sites…

    • Waldorf Mom says:

      There is a good reason why things drop off after about 6th grade. The 12 year old child is a restless one… wanting to explore their world. They want a change. Bringing that change to meet their needs at home can be a challenge. We will see how long we go…

  3. audrey says:

    hmmm.. well, my oldest is a senior this year….and we have managed quite easily to let him naturally integrate into the world around him…while still home schooling…though not with Waldorf-so perhaps you will find a way! None of my kids want to go to school 40 hours a week for future job training!

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