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Halloween Paintings

Since we spend every other Friday at our nature program, we usually paint on our Fridays at home. Our paintings are either curriculum-related or seasonal. On the rare occasion that I do not have a painting in mind, we have … Continue reading

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Grade 3–Clothing and Fiber

I was sorting through our main lesson books, and I came across our Clothing, Fiber and Shelter work from last year. These blocks were great because we could include stories, writing, drawing, hand work, projects, and field trips! For the … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Geometry–Final Week

Euclid      Vachel Lindsay Old Euclid drew a circleOn a sand-beach long ago.He bounded and enclosed itWith angles thus and so.His set of solemn greybeardsNodded and argued muchOf arc and circumference,Diameter and such.A silent child stood by themFrom morning until … Continue reading

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Our Michaelmas celebrations were quite festive when the children were younger… we have made many dragon breads! One year the children prepared a skit, while another year we died golden capes from dried marigold. We have had games of skill … Continue reading

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