Our Michaelmas celebrations were quite festive when the children were younger… we have made many dragon breads! One year the children prepared a skit, while another year we died golden capes from dried marigold. We have had games of skill and courage, such as picking up ‘dragon tears’ (glass jewels) while walking across a balance beam, and we have made countless crepe-paper dragon kites. And of course, there was always singing!

waldorf_michaelmas_dragon_breaddragon_kite_15dragon tears gamemarigold capes

As the children grow older, and the schedules are filled, it is increasingly difficult to come together with friends for these celebrations the way we did in the past.

However, this week I managed to retell the stories of St. Michael and Lucifer, and St. George and the Dragon to my children. We painted dragons by candlelight:

Mom’s St. George and the Dragon

Sixth Grader’s

Fourth Grader’s

A few days later, we made dragon bread to share with friends at the park:

dragon bread

I used this book to refresh my memory on the story of St. George, but I am sure this story can be found in many places.

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