Halloween Paintings

Since we spend every other Friday at our nature program, we usually paint on our Fridays at home. Our paintings are either curriculum-related or seasonal. On the rare occasion that I do not have a painting in mind, we have a free-painting day!

My son (4th grader) wanted to paint a ghost for Halloween:

halloween 4 ghost 4th grader

This particular painting was guided. We did a little experimenting, and tried our hand at dry painting. First, we taped the 140lb painting paper to the board with masking tape. Then we used a very pale blue to paint the ghost. Next, we painted the blue sky and orange pumpkins with strong watercolors. Then we painted the green grass, waited for the painting to dry for a bit, and then painted the indigo tree and added the vines and shadows to the pumpkins. The paper bubbled a little bit since it was not stretched (I think), but we left it taped to the painting board overnight and it flattened out again. I want to try stretching it with butcher paper tape next time.

halloween 2 mom ghost

This is my painting, done the night before in preparation. Well, except for the owl… he was added later.

halloween mom 3 ghost

This is the painting that I did with my son. I decided to add the moon this time.

halloween 1 mom scarecrow

And finally, here is a painting that I did last week, just for me! Not for a lesson, but just for me! Me, me, me! That was fun to write. Anyway, I saw this painting at the lovely blog: teachinghandwork.blogspot, and I wanted to paint it too. For this dry painting, I put on layers of very pale blue, green, and yellow for the sky, grass, and pumpkins. I slowly added layer upon layer to darken the colors. Then I added the scarecrow and fence, in medium-light layered colors. I added many layers of shading of the pumpkins and such, then the deep indigo tree, and a little purple in the sky. I completed this painting over several days, just working on it for 10 or 15 minutes… whenever I found the time and inclination, and to allow the paper to dry in between applications.

Happy Halloween!

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