Grade 6 – Mineralogy

I am starting to feel like this blog is quickly becoming a commercial for Eugene Schwartz, but I never would have been able to feel comfortable with many of these blocks without his online conferences. His work is just so valuable to me!

In addition to his lectures and main lesson book photos, I used Kovacs’ book:

Geology and Astronomy by Charles Kovacs

I also needed some rock specimens, since I did not trust my identification skills, and I was unsure if I would be able to find everything that I wanted to present in my area. This rock kit was very helpful:

Rocks and Rock Forming Mineral Collection (24)


We studied about 6 or 7 stones in the box, but it was very nice to look at the different types of rocks and feel them. The kit labels each rock, and the accompanying pamphlets give a good deal of information about them.

I also used Live Ed, the World Book, and a few books about caves, volcanoes, and oil from the juvenile non-fiction section at the library.

Granite - 6th grader

We began with the study of granite, which is composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Here is where the rock and mineral kit came in handy, as we had a sample of each. We did a detailed, careful drawing of the granite, making sure that we drew the rock instead of a blob of pink and gray. It took quite a while, actually. My daughter also chose to draw quartz, feldspar, and mica as well.

volcanoes - 6th grader

Next we studied volcanoes. I used information from all of the sources listed above, plus we looked at picture books, and talked about what it is like to witness an eruption. The drawing is from Live Ed.

sedimentary and caves 6th grader

I told her about sedimentary rocks that are formed by shells of the ancient seas, and the many products that come from limestone and chalk. She drew some tiny shells that created chalk (I believe I found the pictures of the limestone/chalk shells in the World Book Encyclopedia). Then we studied another sedimentary formation… caves. We have many wonderful caves here in Texas, so I hope that we will have an opportunity to visit one soon!

oil gas coal 6th graderIMG_3769

Lastly, we talked about the impact of these minerals in our daily lives. We learned how coal, natural gas, oil, and salt are extracted and processed. Very interesting! The picture above took forever to draw, and then at the last moment, the oil drill was very crooked. It was quite disappointing, but it is still a great picture.

I believe it took us three weeks to complete this block.

Here are my pictures:

oil mom oil gas coal mom coal - mom

My drilling picture took ages to draw as well… I think we spent two days on it. Does it take everyone else that long?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. 6th grade is scaring me:)

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