The Glory of Blue

eagle chalk drawing_thumb

Here is my chalk drawing of an eagle. I am not showing you this eagle because it is very good, but I am showing it to you because of the beautiful, perfect, formerly-elusive blue. Yes, blue chalk! Finally, after all these long years, I have blue chalk! I have many kinds of chalk… some bought from Mercurius (decent chalk, but expensive). The blues in the box below look nice, but in my boxes (bought years ago) the blues are so light they look white, or so dark that they don’t show up at all on the chalkboard. However, these chalks erase easily, which is nice.

I also have Prang Ambrite Gallery Colored Chalk, which is wonderful, and the price is great, but still, the blue is not quite right for some things. On a whim, I purchased Sargent Colored Chalk at Hobby Lobby for only a few dollars. The chalk is bright an beautiful, and finally… blue! I usually find Hobby Lobby an annoying place to shop (I mean, it takes ages to check out), but they came through for me this time.

From now on, I will be buying both the Prang and the Sargent, and I will skip all the way home!

I read on a teacher’s blog a couple of years ago that it is helpful to keep the chalks separated by color, so I use an old make-up organizer to hold my chalks, and this keeps them much cleaner and easier to find:


I am not much of a chalk artist, I cannot yet create anything like those beautiful creations by Waldorf class teachers, but I do find it inspiring to have a large part of the board covered in a drawing!

peter pan chalkboard 
The Norse drawing on the left is mine, while my 4th grader drew Peter Pan.

chalkboard jacob's ladder hannah
I think my daughter was in 5th grade when she drew Jacob’s ladder.

chalk north america
My drawing of North America.

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2 Responses to The Glory of Blue

  1. Tanya says:

    Oh thank you for the tip! Can you only find Prang chalk online? I have Mercurius now and was sorely disappointed in them! I also am having chalkboard woes. Mine is a homemade board, but it is so toothy (if that is the correct term) that there are quite large spaces where the color isn’t applied despite going over it. I hope this is making sense! Is your board a purchased one? And I think your drawings ARE beautiful so maybe you should too 😉

    • Waldorf Mom says:

      Hi Tanya,
      Thank you for the kind words about my drawings. I have only seen the Prang chalk online. It is really for paper, so there seems to be more oil in it than other chalks. It writes and draws beautifully, but it does not erase as easily. Totally worth it, though.
      My board came out of a school, so it is very smooth. I also had a homemade board and was very frustrated by the toothy quality. I would like something in between! The smooth board does not really blend colors as well as one with some tooth. When I put a second color over the first, the first comes right off. However, the smooth board is great for writing. I thik you can still buy a good board, but they can cost a couple hundred dollars. Mine is 4 ft. X 6 ft., and I use every inch.

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