Grade 4 – Man and Animal (Zoology)


This is my second time blogging about the zoology block, as I did this block two years ago with my daughter. So I guess I won’t go on and on about it, since I did not change much this time. You can check out my previous zoology posts, if you would like for information about how I did it.

I mostly used three resources (in addition to library books and the encyclopedia):

Hovering Between Heaven and Earth.doc in the Grade 4 files on the Waldorfhomeeducators Yahoo Group

Live Education!

self portraits

We started with self portraits as our physical selves (my son is playing floor hockey!) and our star-beings.

head trunk limbs
Head, Trunk, and Limbs

clay humans

We did an exercise which came from Learning About the World through Modeling. We began with a sphere of clay, and then divided it up into portions for the head, trunk, and limbs, then shaped them into a man with a cape. The man was curled up, in a position of prayer, perhaps, and made himself into the shape of a sphere again. This was magical for us!

Learning About the World Through Modeling


octopusOctopus, Crab, and Oyster

octopus mom
My Octopus and Crab

The painting of the octopus and the crab was inspired by a painting in Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools:

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools: Classes 1-8



eagle  Eagle

eagle chalk drawing



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