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Grade 4 – Man and Animal (Zoology)–Block 2

My fourth grader’s last block of the year was Man and Animal (Zoology). We studied different types of animals and their characteristics. We looked at the types of teeth and other specialized qualities of the animals, which make them unique … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Roman History

Now that the school year is officially wrapped up, I will try to post the children’s finished books as I find the time. One of our favorite blocks of the year was Roman History. Such rich stories, filled with inspiring, … Continue reading

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Grade 6–Charcoal Drawing

Every other Friday, we have a watercolor painting lesson. Well, we used to paint every week, but we started a nature program every other Friday, so now we paint on our off-Friday. However, this year I decided that my sixth … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Economics

This is our first venture into the world of business math. Using Eugene Schwartz’s lectures as a guide, I introduced a few economic ideas during the block, then we practiced the mathematic concepts more during the rest of the year. … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Physics

One day, I was lamenting to my dear friend that I was putting off our physics block because I was daunted by the amount of materials needed, the planning time, and the subject just seemed overwhelming. Since she has a … Continue reading

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