Grade 4 – Man and Animal (Zoology)–Block 2

My fourth grader’s last block of the year was Man and Animal (Zoology). We studied different types of animals and their characteristics. We looked at the types of teeth and other specialized qualities of the animals, which make them unique and amazing. We then talked about how each of these qualities have been given to humans and we bring them together in a balanced way.

I think this is an inspiring way to present this block, as so often zoology can easily dissolve into a study in how humans have negatively impacted the animals of the world. It seems to me that it could get a little depressing for the fourth grader to hear that over and over, so I like the idea of planting a seed in my children that they have been given special gifts. Those gifts are to be used to bring goodness into the world for humans and animals alike.

My other zoology posts.

The cover page was inspired by a cover page at

01 Cover

02 Penguins

03 rodents

04 carnivores

05 horses

06 animals

07 animals

Here are a few of my artworks:

08 wolf mom painting09 wolf mom pencils

10 horse mom

Why is it that some people seem born able to draw horses? I am not one of those people… I can’t believe how hard it is after all these years!

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One Response to Grade 4 – Man and Animal (Zoology)–Block 2

  1. I’m quite good at drawing horses, until I get to the legs and then it all goes pear shaped…..I have a hard time with human limbs too. That probably signifies I am not fully incarnated or something like that ;o) Ah well, we’re all “only human” ;o) Thanks for posting this, Teri. Cathy

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