Grade 3–Hebrew Letters

As I was organizing our old schoolwork, I came across the Hebrew letters that I painted during my daughter’s third grade year. We had a good time with this block, as she loves language and lettering. The Hebrew letters are not only beautiful, they also have spiritual meaning. I bought this book for our studies:

The Book of Letters: A Mystical Hebrew Alphabet

We loved this book! It is even bound on the right hand side, making the study seem very authentic indeed. This book looks interesting too:

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet

We painted the letters on ruby red cardstock with gold paint. The gold paint smelled terrible, so we painted them outside. We tried to write a word in Hebrew for each letter, plus a little reminder about the meaning of the letter. These pages are so beautiful in person, but I could not really capture their beauty with my camera!

 01 Hebrew Letters 02 Hebrew Letters 03 Hebrew Letters 04 Hebrew Letters 05 Hebrew Letters 06 Hebrew Letters 07 Hebrew Letters 08 Hebrew Letters 09 Hebrew Letters 10 Hebrew Letters 11 Hebrew Letters

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