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European Geography

Last year, we had a 2 or 3 week block of European Geography. It was difficult, as all geography blocks are for me! I have such a hard time making this block interesting! I mostly used Live Ed, which includes … Continue reading

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Grade 4 – Second Local Geography Block

This post details two geography blocks. The first, was the second geography block of my daughter’s fourth grade year. The second part of the post will cover my son’s second geography block, done two years later than my daughter’s. Geez, … Continue reading

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Grade 4 – First Local Geography Block

I have never written a post about geography. Why? I have always struggled with putting together a geography block that is satisfying to me. I have trouble making these blocks feel cohesive, organized, and interesting. Although, it is finally getting … Continue reading

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Grade 4 Fractions

Here are a few of my son’s pages of his Fractions Main Lesson Book from 4th grade. I used the indications from Live Education, but there is really nothing all that earth-shattering in their Fractions book. You can probably make … Continue reading

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