I Am Back!

If you tried to reach my blog in the last few days, you received an annoying error instead. I contacted WordPress, and apparently their automated bots of some sort thought that I was spam, or a victim of spam, or something. At any rate, I am back!

The beginning of the year has gone pretty well. We finished grade seven perspective drawing, and we are almost finished with the Middle Ages. This week I will be teaching the adventures of Marco Polo, Dante’s Poetry (a bit, anyway), and the great artist Giotto.

I finished the first botany block with my fifth grader, and we are just wrapping  up a form drawing/mathematics block. We worked on braided forms which were not covered in fourth grade, reviewed math concepts from last year, and introduced ‘secret numbers’ and decimals. Next up… North American Geography. Uh, oh.

I started creating a post about perspective drawing, but unfortunately I was sidetracked. Hopefully I will have that up in the next week or two… assuming the bots don’t get hold of me again.

I don’t like the idea of posting without pictures, so I went through my files and found a couple of photos of my children’s handwork from last year. Lovely, no?

IMG_3996 Handwork 5th Grader

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