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Grade 6 Geometry–Final Week

Euclid      Vachel Lindsay Old Euclid drew a circleOn a sand-beach long ago.He bounded and enclosed itWith angles thus and so.His set of solemn greybeardsNodded and argued muchOf arc and circumference,Diameter and such.A silent child stood by themFrom morning until … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Geometry

Our first block of the year is Geometry. This is very exciting, since we are finally able to use drawing tools, and my sixth grader feels very grown up! The single most useful resource for this block was Eugene Schwartz’s … Continue reading

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Fifth Grade Geometry

We have finally begun our school year. After one week, things are going quite well. Our first block is Geometry. I wanted to begin with this one, because it is so different than any of our other blocks we have … Continue reading

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