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Grade 3–Hebrew Letters

As I was organizing our old schoolwork, I came across the Hebrew letters that I painted during my daughter’s third grade year. We had a good time with this block, as she loves language and lettering. The Hebrew letters are … Continue reading

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Grade 3 – Shelters

For the third grade shelters block, I used the “Elements from Grade 3” from Eugene Schwartz, and a little bit of Live Ed.      Wiki-upsThird grader’s drawing on the left, mom’s on the right. For the past few years, we … Continue reading

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Grade 3–Clothing and Fiber

I was sorting through our main lesson books, and I came across our Clothing, Fiber and Shelter work from last year. These blocks were great because we could include stories, writing, drawing, hand work, projects, and field trips! For the … Continue reading

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Grade 3–Measurement

We are continuing our Time and Measurement block with linear and liquid measure. We started off with a  story from Live Ed about measuring feet. Then we measured everyone’s feet in our family (including the dog!), and glued them to … Continue reading

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Grade 3 – Second Old Testament Block

 3rd grader’s Cain and Abel drawing and sentence. Mom’s Cain and Abel drawing. 3rd grader’s Abraham and Isaac. This drawing was inspired by a pencil drawing in Live Ed. Mom’s Abraham and Isaac. I did not get very far on … Continue reading

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Friday Paintings

I wanted to do a seasonal painting today, but I had such a difficult time deciding on the subject. It is January, and we already painted a snowman last month… February will be here soon, but I just could not … Continue reading

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Grade 3 – Time

This week I have been working on Time and Clocks with my third grader. Surprisingly, my son knew very little about the months or where they fall in the seasons. This is strikingly different from my daughter who came to … Continue reading

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