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European Geography

Last year, we had a 2 or 3 week block of European Geography. It was difficult, as all geography blocks are for me! I have such a hard time making this block interesting! I mostly used Live Ed, which includes … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Roman History

Now that the school year is officially wrapped up, I will try to post the children’s finished books as I find the time. One of our favorite blocks of the year was Roman History. Such rich stories, filled with inspiring, … Continue reading

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Grade 6–Charcoal Drawing

Every other Friday, we have a watercolor painting lesson. Well, we used to paint every week, but we started a nature program every other Friday, so now we paint on our off-Friday. However, this year I decided that my sixth … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Economics

This is our first venture into the world of business math. Using Eugene Schwartz’s lectures as a guide, I introduced a few economic ideas during the block, then we practiced the mathematic concepts more during the rest of the year. … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Physics

One day, I was lamenting to my dear friend that I was putting off our physics block because I was daunted by the amount of materials needed, the planning time, and the subject just seemed overwhelming. Since she has a … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Mineralogy

I am starting to feel like this blog is quickly becoming a commercial for Eugene Schwartz, but I never would have been able to feel comfortable with many of these blocks without his online conferences. His work is just so … Continue reading

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Grade 6 – Astronomy

I have not posted in a while because honestly, my daughter and I were struggling during the first part of the year. But we have seemed to reach our stride, and I am feeling better about homeschooling and ready to … Continue reading

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